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Helpful Links for farmy things




Friends Blogs

Helpful Links for farmy things

University Of Tennessee Beekeeping

A very complete and full resource of beekeeping.

Northeast Organic Farming Association of NJ

A wonderful resource for us all.

Mike The Gardener's Seeds Of the Month Club

New Jersey Company with a great blog and he sells seeds! Use my referral code if you join! copy and paste in 8092NXHM6F

Rutgers - New Jersey Agricultural Experimental Station

A fabulous local resource for agriculture


People and businesses that care about health issues. Be active in your search for a better you!

Balanaced Health Naturally

Wendy is a local resource for health and well-being. I love her and her site! Balanced Health is about the education and consumption of whole foods that benefit our health for generations. Wendy is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Lifestyle Educator, and Certified Long Term Care Specialist who focuses her business on busy families and their struggles surrounding food. Two large passions are involving children with taking control over their health from the grocery store to the table and deconstructing the most common processed foods so you can make them at whim.

Zumba with Jeanie Franzo

Join Jeanie Franzo for the most addictive workout that is sweeping the world, Zumba® Fitness!! Zumba® Fitness is not a dance class, it is a fun, energetic cardiovascular workout that mixes body sculpting movements with dance steps derived from Latin and International rhythms such as: cumbia, merengue, salsa, reggaeton, hip hop, mambo, rumba, soca, calypso, flamenco, tango, belly dancing and even bollywood. You can be sure that you will work your entire body, but you will be having so much fun, you won't even notice. We call it a party, exercise in disguise! Come Join the Party!�?�


Laura's Glass Art

My incredible funny and clever friend Laura owns this lovely company. Very pretty hand painted items. A fine local business for giftware and other pretty things.


The Country Beacon

Is a wonderful local free paper distributed throughout Hunterdon and Warren Counties and the western parts of Somerset and Morris Counties. Great places and cool things to see and do. Celebrating the rural life!

Friends Blogs

Tranquil Acres of Alexandria

A local gals blog about life here in Alexandria Township_ Once a city girl, turned rural, loving Hunterdon County life, harvesting from the ground and preserving in glass is my passion.

The Obsessive Neurotic Gardener

A wonderful blog from a fellow gardener who lives near our farm. His adventures and triumphs with gorgeous photos are worth viewing.

Mike The Gardener's Blog

This is full of great gardening tips! You will Love Mike too!