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The Farm Friends Program is our version of a CSA

What is a CSA?

A ‘CSA’ is Community Sponsored Agriculture. What that means is that a farm will sell shares in what they grow in a particular year. For a set fee (usually over $800) everyone gets an equal share. Sounds like a great way to get your produce and does work for many people, except for a few things I personally don’t like. AND PLEASE...if you currently enjoy your CSA don't abandon your farmer. I can still be your Casual Farm Friend.

What I Personally Don't Like About a CSA

  1. You get a big box with your share of what is grown and harvested in any one week. Well what if you really hate collards? And the box is half full of them - every week? What if you are going on vacation? Too many ‘what if’s…
  2. What if when you reviewed the proposed list of veggies you saw they were growing lavender striped eggplants and you LOVE lavender striped eggplants? Then over the course of the entire season you only got one, or even worse there was a complete crop failure and you got none. Now you waited months for it and never got them.
  3. You don't get to pick the quantity of any particular item. So if there are only two cucumbers and your kids eat 3 each a week you are going to the store.
  4. You have the option not to take something but you don't get compensated for it.
  5. Eggs? Chickens? Ground Beef? What is included for your set fee?

Here is What My Farm Friends Program is...

It's a way to buy your produce, eggs, chickens and more, direct from our farm. You will get the best seasonal organically grown produce, fresh eggs, fresh roasting chicken, and artisan breads that we offer.

The Casual Farm Friend enrollment is open year round.

Just subscribe to our website!

For the BFF Program and the discount...

The BFF (Best Farm Friend) program is a discount program that I came up with years ago. You buy into it with $150 and you get a gift card with $150 on it. When you use your gift card for purchases, I take 10% off your purchase for eggs, produce, chickens and breads. Beef, Pork, Turkeys and workshops are excluded from the discount, but you can use your card for anything I sell whether or not there is a discount for it. The card can be used here at the farm or at any of the farmer's markets I participate in. Fill out the form and submit with your $151 fee.

The 2020 BFF Form

For those of you who prefer eGift Cards that option is available on the online order page at These are extra handy to use for online ordering. Please fill out a form, so I have your information and then mail it in. The 2020 BFF Form

It's actually pretty simple. In the slow cold months of the year, you invest in the farm a little, and then get your healthy foods with a little off the price. It's a great way to help keep my budget flowing nicely, and then you get that 10% thank you from me.

For those of you that spend more than that $150 you can buy a new card with additional funds on it. The card is good to use at any point in the future, but the discount only runs from May 15 through October 31. I am getting a second card reader to avoid the issue of not being able to zip your card if we have two locations running.

Enrollment is starting in mid March and we will be selling cards throughout the year now. Consider joining it and being one of our Best Farm Friends. More details are down below.

The BFF enrollment is Open for 2020! The 2020 BFF Form

Thank you to my BFF's - new and old!

And then there is the FFB PROGRAM!!

The links to printable forms are at the bottom of this page.

Please Note

  • I cannot guarantee any particular crop.
  • We are weather sensitive.
  • We are really seasonal. We only sell what we grow here.
  • We use organic principals. There may be some holes in your leaves but those are our sacrifices to the natural aspect of our farm. If it’s safe for bugs to eat, it’s safe for you.
  • I am really picky about what repellents I use. USDA certification would allow us to use a whole host of things (like bleach and rotenone) and still be organic but I won’t eat them and won’t feed them to you either.
  • You won’t get GMO’s or mass production varieties that have a long shelf life.
  • I grow a lot of heirlooms and other healthy and GOOD tasting varieties that big farms don’t grow.

How It Works

  1. Emails will be sent with a list of what is available for the designated pick up days. Each day may have different items available.
  2. Order deadlines will be the night before pick up by 8PM. (No exceptions to the order times) Times for pick-up be clearly listed in the email.
  3. Pick up days will be Wednesdays 3 to 6 PM and Saturdays 2:00 to 4 PM. Again, please no exceptions. If we have to suspend or change dates you will be notified in advance.
  4. You can order chickens, beef, produce, eggs and anything else we sell.
  5. You pay for what you get.
  6. You will get first dibs. You will know what you are getting before venturing into the stand to see what we have.
  7. You will get a confirmation for your order...if I need to make changes I will notify you as soon as possible.
  8. If there are only a few of a particular item it will clearly state orders will be filled in order of receipt.
  9. Anything that is surplus and not ordered will still be sold in the stand.
  10. I will ask that once you commit you commit. Don’t leave me sitting with your order…I am only just sooo friendly.

THREE Ways to Participate

What is a FARM FRIEND?

You are, when you subscribe to our website and then place an order to pick up directly from our farm at our regular pick up hours. It's the only way to get the entire selection of what we sell. You get to meet us, and chat for a moment too. I don't know why, but most people find us pretty interesting, muddy boots and all.

My Farm Friends are broken down into three groups.

The Casual Farm Friend. No commitment, just order what, when, and as often as you like. Easy. If you already get these emails, you are automatically in the casual group and have the opportunity to purchase what you want and when you want, via email for set pick up times. This is the best way to ensure you have first dibs on what is grown and produced here.

The BFF Program.

Enrollment for the BFF Program will be From March 15th through June 15th. We will only accept 25 people in the program.

This is a bit different. Again, there is no commitment to purchase weekly, monthly, or whatever. You can order as often as you want. Although traditional CSA's are wonderful, I found that they really don't work for most people whose lives include vacations, family stuff, etc. and most really cannot handle that huge box full of produce every week. You get to choose what you want, and when you need it. Plus we have a wider assortment of foods, and not just great organic vegetables.

There is a $150 deposit, plus a $1 processsing fee, sent in with your form for a plastic card to carry. If you go to the online store, you can purchase an eGift card that you can use there. Then, the $150 deposit is used for your first $150 of purchases. If you plan on buying a few chickens, some eggs, and a bit of lettuce, and some other vegetables, you will easily hit this mark at some point.

So what do you get for your initial investment and why would I do this? In recognition of your support you will get the 10% discount on all Jaklamas produce, eggs, dairy, breads and chickens. Beef, turkeys, pork and workshops are excluded. You can use your deposit to purchase anything at the Farmer's Markets we participate in, for Front Porch Purchases, and online purchases. The Farm Stand self service is not able to to accommodate BFF discounts.

Why do I do this? The deposit up front enables me to pay for many of the winter expenses during these months when we have little cash flow. The discount is applied from May 15 through October 31st. Before and after that, you can use the card to purchase anything at full price. It will not expire.

What is new about the BFF Program? Our record keeping system.

This year, you can either purchase an eGift Card at our online store or get a plastic gift card from me. Either giftcard will be loaded with your $150 deposit, which you can use at the online store (eGift), or I can swipe in (plastic gift), and automatically deduct from your account and at the same time give you that 10% discount. I can reload your plastic giftcard once it is used up for those of you who hate carrying cash or writing checks all summer. You can always purchase a second eGift Card if you want to.

THE FFB Program

Additionally, there will be work or internship shares available through our FFB program (Farm Friends Buddy). For every hour you assist me in the gardens you will get a credit for purchasing any of our provisions, vegetables, eggs, or meats. I can use the extra hands, and there are many of you who have expressed a desire to learn how things thrive. So this can be a win win. Nurturing, that’s me. If you want more details, please email me at [email protected] We can really use the help, especially in the spring planting season through July.

If you decide this is for you...

Simply subscribe to our website and you will be added to the email list as a Casual Farm Friend.

If you want to be in the BFF Program either download and print the form below and send in with your deposit, or send me a message and I will get you enrolled with your deposit.

Downloadable PDF Files of this page or BFF Enrollment Form

A link to the PDF version of the Program to download is here.

The BFF 2020 Form is here as a PDF to print