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How Did Our Farm Become Jaklamas?

Deciding on a name was a very long debate. We had originally toyed with a name that meant 'house of the sun'. Then, there were so many other possibilities.

However, we had this strange thing that kept happening, over and over. Passerbys would call my husband 'Jack' and say hello. Well, his name is John so we thought it was a misunderstanding. People who knew us well would also yell 'Hi Jak!' furthering the impression I was married to Jak. It just kept growing. I even yell 'Hey Jak!' when I go out. A lot.

The Jak issue. There is a reason we all say hi to Jak. The real Jak does live here and he is the neighborhood personality.

The pasture closest to the driveway houses the sheep, goats, and Jak. He's the llama. Ugly as sin too. 

Jak, keeps a wary eye on all that goes on. He is our guard llama. Bravery is his middle name. He chases off stray dogs, foxes and vermin. Jak is pretty tough. So he oversees the farmstand too because it is within spitting distance to his pasture. So we became Jaklamas...he runs the place.