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He's John,

and I'm MaryAnn

I hope you enjoy our farm,

Jaklamas, LLC. 

We are the Lesko family. I have two adult children here at home that you may see from time to time but mostly you will run into John.

John is the one who always likes to take a break and visit with you.

I am MaryAnn, the cook, farmer, milk maid, recipe writer, instructor, canning queen, photographer (yes, all the photos are my own) and whatever else needs doing.

There may be a photo of John around from time to time but very few of me ever get taken. I'm behind the camera and behind the keyboard too. 

John is way down the other end of the garden....

Why do We Own & Operate Our Farm?

Just How Did We Get Here?

Neither one of us grew up on a farm. I grew up in a semirural area and we had a decent sized garden, big family, and my mother cooked and canned. I learned from the best. Thanks Mom.

I still remember the jars of peaches in the winter. They always tasted like summer to me.

I wound up in the restaurant/catering business and just did not like what I was seeing (and that was 30 years ago - today the processed foods are far worse).

I had a vegetable garden at every home we had...and every year the garden kept getting bigger.

John found he really liked to have the land around him...and the gardens kept getting bigger and then John decided to get chickens. After that, it was our life.

Eggs and meats became a focus for us. Quality proteins, from healthy animals with lots of fresh air and a good quality of life. If you ever went to an auction where the supermarkets buy the livestock you would never eat a piece of meat from the supermarket showcase again.

Buy Locally Grown

Eat Locally Grown

Did you ever hear the saying 'close to the earth'. That is what we are.

We cut out the middlemen and the industries that pollute our food supply. We are close enough that what we eat is real and fresh. Not that marketing term 'fresh' but really fresh. In marketing 'fresh' means not spoiled. Interesting thought isn't it?

We use no GMO's, no gasses to make something look fresher, no fancy packaging.

Food should be raised locally. Really local is the best.

The varieties of fruits and vegetables we raise were picked for goodness - not shelf life. Most of what we grow could never be shipped anywhere. It is far too fragile.

Heirloom seeds, plants and more. Potatoes that are never sprayed or treated with anything. Did you know that commercial potatoes are one of the most heavily treated crops at the supermarket?

Our eggs are collected a few times daily. The free range chickens are on the lawn in the sunshine. Our beef graze contentedly. The turkeys wander around the pasture with the sheep. You can see how they are raised.


For Health

That was the easiest decision to make here. You see, we like too many people had started to have health issues at a very young age.

John, being in the field that he was, and I, a product of the 70's, both started to look more closely at food. It doesn't take much to conclude that chemicals and artificial ingredients cannot be good for you. No matter what anyone else says, how could chemicals that are not naturally in your food be fine to put in your body?

Since the very beginning of time, no species has ever deliberately perverted their food supply, like humans have.

I tend to take the organic thiing one step further. I don't use a few of the 'certified' safe to use products because I just don't like them. My strawberries get moldy because they are untreated. Did you ever wonder how store bought never grows mold anymore? If it can't grow mold just how safe is it for you to consume?

We use far fewer sprays here than most commercial organic farms so sometimes there will be holes in your bof choi leaves...oh well. If it's safe for the bugs to eat, it's safe for us too.