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Our Angus Bull...

The Big Beef Himself

He is about 2200 pounds of muscle. Thank goodness he is a nice guy.

A beef testimonial....

I got an email from someone who bought a quarter share of beef this fall...

"My son C***, does not eat beef. He hates steak!!! Last night I made one of your sirloins..simply, on the grill, little salt and pepper. C*** devoured it. He thanked me for it! I said "C***, I thought you didn't like beef?" And he said "this is steak!" I said, "steak is beef and I always make steak and you won't eat it." and he said "you cooked this one differently." I told him I prepared it the same way I always do so then I said "I know why you like it, It's Jaklama's!!!" He said "This is Jaklamas?!?! Is that why it is so good???" He likes steak now, but only steak from your farm That's just fine with us!"

And we are so glad to hear.

The Porterhouse in the photo was darned good too.

Grass Fed Beef

We sell our beef a few times in the year and strictly by reservations. Our quarters are sold three times yearly - winter, spring and fall. The ground meat is very limited and only available in the June. It sells our fast.

We raise a limited amount of beef yearly and sell out every year - so please order early. There is a waiting list.


PLEASE EMAIL US AT [email protected], or call us at (908) 479-4055

Custom Cut Quarters

When we have a beef cut it is divided evenly into quarter shares...everyone in the 'cow pool' gets an even quarter share of the meat. Each quarter will get a share of the sirloin, porterhouse, T bones, rib, and chuck steaks, london broil, flank steak, stew meat, ground meat, short ribs, beef roasts, pot roasts, beef shins, liver, a bag of soup bones, and even a corned beef. I am probably missing a few things, but you should get the idea.

Our butcher trims the cuts very lean and no further trimming is necessary. It comes vacuum sealed in extra heavy plastic and clearly labeled. You will need about 5 cubic feet in your freezer to store it. It is an economical and healthy way to get your grass fed beef. We have found it is enough beef for most small families to last approximately a year. The price is determined yearly and calculated on the hanging weight of the steer.

We raise Angus and Simmenthal beef cattle who are pastured and live a stress free and happy life. 

Our Special Ground Meat

During the summer months we will have the butcher take one or two entire young steers and turn them into ground meat. All the steaks and prime cuts go into the mix. This is truly a premium ground meat for making the best hamburgers you have ever eaten. Extra lean and juicy. We sell it in 2 pound packages and we sell out fast so pleae reserve yours early when we announce the availabilty.