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Welcome to our Seasonal News Page!

It's here that I will try and post the seasonal news as it develops on what is going on here. The first posting was September 2013. I plan on reposting them into the Farm Tales Blogs for archive puroposes. Thanks for wanting to know the goings on around here!

January 2018 Farm News

The days, months and years just seem to fly by. I can't believe it is the end of January already. The spring is coming fast,and it's when everything starts new. New babies, new gardens, new projects. Lots of new.

Maybelline we hope successfully calves the end of May this year. She is our star cow. Best milk cow ever. Currently, we are milking her daughter, MoonPie, who is a very sweet cow. Milk management takes up a couple hours of my day, every day. Maybelline and MoonPie are doing well and can be seen somewhere in the front daily if you want to visit. They really doesn't say too much though as most of the day is spent eating hay.

MoonPie, Maybelline, spend their days together, along with our younger Wagyu bull, Generator. He is a handsome guy, and we are looking forward to some of the calves he has sired. Bobbi Sox is in the paddock all the way to the right, in the kiddie pen for now. Soon she will get to spend her days again with Maybelline and MoonPie. The three calves there with her are Pearl, Opal and Salty. Pearl is another 100% Wagyu born here at the farm. Opal, is MoonPie's calf, and she is half Wagyu and half Jersey. The extra guy is Salty the steer. He likes to help with the excess milk we have right now milking MoonPie.

Our Angus and Simmenthal cows in the back pastures are doing well too. We have several young heifers that are Wagyu crosses and daughters of Keitei, our very studly Wagyu bull. We are transitioning our beef herd to Wagyu based, instead of Angus to upgrade the quality of our meat. It will be another two years before we will have any wagyu to sell, but it is going very well. All of our beef are grass fed.

We are still selling our beef by the quarter share, and also have individual packages and labeled cuts for sale. Inquire for current availability and pricing.

We will be raising 12 pigs this year. They will be able to help with the gleaning, and eat lots of vegetables, and other good tings like the extra milk and whey. They are typically a happy crew that spends a lot of time rooting up their pen and chasing each other around. Our pork will be sold in half pig shares again. Inquire for availability and pricing.

There will be chickens everywhere. Literally. The older layers are never 'retired' around here. We figure they earned their keep, and go on living a regular chickens life. We ordered 100 new layer chicks again to keep our stock strong. The roasting chickens were ordered (all 600 of them) and are scheduled to keep us in chicken all summer. They will be in the greenhouse, the broodhouse, and then in the broiler pen. Unfortunately, they wind up being sold for dinner, but they are getting the best life we can give them out in the fresh air.

The Thanksgiving turkeys are already ordered and planned too. We can't raise more than we have been in the past few years because of space and time. If you want one, please speak up soon. Most are already reserved and it isn't even February yet.

Now for the BIG project. The gardens. Everywhere we can plant something, we do. There isn't a bit of wasted space. Seeds are ordered, and the schedule is planned. It is a bit like a military operation to get all of the successions decided, started and planted, but we are getting better at this every year.

Right now, I am enjoying the cold weather, with my planners, and schedules, and projects. There has been enough precipitation, that the ground is not too dry, and it has been cold enough so far that the life cycle of the trees, pastures and perennials isn't interrupted.

For you, my Farm Friends, again this year, you will be able to order a nice variety of provisions weekly. A good salad, fresh eggs, warm wild yeast breads, even a chicken for dinner is in the near future. There will be lots of fresh healthy vegetables in the farmstand, and a few Farmer's Markets to visit us at. I look forward to seeing you soon.