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The first 'farmy' thing we ever did was grow fruits and vegetables...but then we got a few chickens because John thought it sounded like fun. The kids were little and fresh eggs had to be good right?

Well, the fresh egg thing was truly amazing. We had about a dozen hens and a huge rooster. Tons of eggs, or so we thought.

We now have a couple hundred or more chickens. Most are Rhode Island Reds but there are a few others in there...John likes a bit of variety in the eggs you see. And the eggs are still truly amazing.

Farm Fresh Brown Eggs

Well, I guess they aren't all brown.

But they are very fresh. Our laying hens are housed in a coop with a large pasture to wander and peck.

Most of the hens lay extra large or jumbo brown eggs, with the ocassional green or blue one showing up. Kind of makes you smile when you get one. 

We also have a number of wild bantams running around. They generally lay small eggs tht are buff colored. A few white ones sneak in too. The wild bantam eggs, when available, are very rich and the best eggs we sell. But they are smaller eggs. 

Eggs for Sale

We sell our eggs boxed by the dozen in three sizes -

  • the Bigger than Large - which are just that - Extra Large or Bigger and mainly brown shelled
  • the Small to Large - the extra rich bantam eggs buff colored or white and are only available ocassionally
  • the Ridiculously Big - the eggs the hens lay when they are feeling really good. Only available ocassionally. The Ridiculously Big are just that. Ridiculous. Makes you feel sorry for the hens...