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 Demonstrations and Classes on Farm and Kitchen Skills at Jaklamas

Home Canning

Twice yearly we do a workshop on homecanning techniques. Each workshop is on a Saturday from 1 to 5 PM and I do a series of three sessions.

This year the dates for Session #1

is March 5th, Session #2 is March 12th and Session #3 is March 19th. Each week we will be focusing on different aspects of canning along with the basics. We will be working on jams, relishes, pickles, fruits, vegetables, soups, low acid foods and more. Please click on the calendar dates for more information!

Go to the calendar for more information.

Home Baking

Several times throughout the year I do bread classes, and I also do holiday baking sessions too.

Bread Classes are held on Friday evenings, and the dates are February 19th, April 1st. We will be making a variety of breads, and then English muffins, cinnamon rolls, popovers and soft pretzels! On April 8th we will be doing a sour dough and wild yeast class. Come and enjoy the experience and fill your senses with fresh breads! Go to the calendar for more information.

Farm Fresh Foods

I have two sessions scheduled this winter which are not canning or bread, A Mozzarella and Cultured Dairy Workshop on February 12th and a Homemade Pasta Making Workshop on February 26th. Go to the calendar for more information.

Gourmet cooking classes are available in individual sessions and can cover a huge variety of dishes. Currently, I am doing these on a request and can teach at your private party.