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Farm Tales

Winter Workshops

Posted by MaryAnn the FarmWife on March 24, 2015 at 3:10 PM

In the 'quieter' winter months I hold workshops here once or twice a week. I teach bread baking skills, cheese-making, canning and more.


Last Friday I held a Bread Baking Skills Class where we covered all the basics of making homemade bread. We baked some fun things like rolls shaped like bunnies and hedgehogs, cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting, a rich braided egg bread, and shaped baguettes.


I had to postpone this week's workshop-  working with whole grains. We will do a honey wheat bread, a crusty Artisan 100% whole wheat bread (pictured), a rich multi-grain loaf, and a nice spelt loaf on April 10th.


The nextt two workshops of this season are next week on March 27th and 28th. There will be another Sour Dough Workshop, and then the last Home Canning Workshop for this spring.


Depending on the schedule next fall we may or may not do a few more. But for now, the spring is arriving, very quickly, and the amount of extra time in a day is disappearing. I have to grow your vegetables. :)

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