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Farm Tales


Posted by MaryAnn the FarmWife on February 19, 2015 at 11:55 AM

We only have about 250 feet of asparagus beds. I say only because it is not enough.We should have 3 times that much.. or so I think. That is, until I have to do the weeding and mulching and fertilizing.


It was that time of year. John had already mowed down the dead foliage and it was my turn to get in there and get it cleaned up.


The problem is that it is a perenniel plant and as such it needs weeding and mulching every year. More than once if you can.


All it takes is a hand trowel and a bucket to collect the weeds and me with gloves on. Not too fancy and very low tech. I use mats in between the rows to help keep the weeding to a minimum...16 hours.


So I weeded and mulched...I hope the chickens don't start pecking around in there because they will make a mess out of my nice neat mulched beds...

About Asparagus:

Aparagus is a perenniel plant. If you choose to grow it, it will take about 2 or 3 years before you really get any to speak of. You will need to plan on a sunny location and prepare the bed. You will need about 2 foot wide rows for the plants to grow in. The plants will also get pretty tall and in our case they tend to flop over and all around... Plan carefully because you cannot really move it once it is in.


In the spring you plant this giant spider shaped crown with roots in a wide trench and cover it with soil. Water well and it will grow. A bit of a good fertilizer wouldn't hurt. And MULCH. Don't forget the mulch. There will be weeds.

The spears are the shoots that come out of the ground...Keep in mind that these shoots will turn into these huge feathery fernlike fronds that are pretty attractive. The plant has to have enough of these branches to generate energy to store in the roots for the next spring to grow more shoots to you have to let some go. You cannot keep picking it until there are no more spears...the first year pick none, the second year pick a few...the third year you can pick more.

Online Resources...

There are many places to order asparagus roots from. You should order an all male variety with the name Jersey in it. The male plants produce the most spears...


Help with planting and growing:

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