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Farm Tales

Sometimes I Digress...

Posted by MaryAnn the FarmWife on April 24, 2013 at 12:00 AM

I used to grow beds of beautiful perenniels and flowers everywhere. There were flowers in baskets, pots, and around a half acre of perenniels. My children were little and I spent my afternoons outside with them. The landscaping around the house was perfect. Everything just perfect. There was not a weed in sight. The we decided we wanted to move from those lovely 3 1/2 acres to a real farm.

I started with the lovely landscaping but only one large perenniel bed. I was being rational. We were going to have a bit more work on this property and the chickens wandering about were not as flower friendly.

Then my beautiful yard became a took over. I now have garlic in the perenniel beds and landscaping. Spinach planted behind the shrubs. 

I just noticed these poor peonies.

The magnolia and spirea to the south of them are overshadowing them....

No sunshine for the poor things.There is a tiny one in this photo too...

So I stop. I guess I won't be weeding the asparagus. I grabbed my spade, found a new spot and cleared it out. A nice south facing slope just off the kitchen porch too. I love peonies and these are gorgeous doubles in shades of white and pinks. They will be much happier here and so will I. I am not exactly kind to these things but for some reason they survive and thrive...In one short week they are so much happier. I look forward to seeing the blooms in a few weeks...

Categories: Gardening, Muddy Stuff