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Farm Tales

Never Never Land

Posted by MaryAnn the FarmWife on March 7, 2013 at 8:05 PM

"I am in way over my head" was the thought that was haunting me for several hours. The day didn't start that way. The morning had started out very nicely.

My daughter thoughtfully had washed all the dishes late last night and made the counters shine,  like some magic fairy in the kitchen while we were sleeping. The coffee was already brewed when I stumbled out, hot and fresh. Plus there was NO SNOW, the latest overblown snowpacolypse had been dodged. A vat of maple sap was boiling away. I took care of my chores quickly and easily. Elvira was at my side. My big black shadow. I got the forms all written and designed, then produced and uploaded for the Farm Friends enrollments. A lot of little work things were done. All in all it was going great.

The day blew up when I decided to add another feature to the site. It said it would take FIVE minutes. Within three minute I knew I was in way too deep. There was this Never Never Land of terms and and Gits and phps and all this alphabet soup of stuff. I however, was determined. I was going to do this Facebook Connect thingy. A lot of my customers like using Facebook and it would be cool to have the ability to post comments and do all this other cool stuff.

So onward I trudged. Reading through the instruction pages and getting in deeper and deeper. It's when the html code got too rough and then I was directed onto this ninja site, and it backfilled in their own addresses, that I panicked. Where was Dylan? Taking midterms. I can't call him now. There were seven tabs open on the was only 3 PM it would be hours before he got home. 

Sigh. So I walked away from it. Frustrated and pacing, waiting for Dylan to rescue me. I kept going back, over and over and staring at the ninja pages, the directions, the links, the codes, to no avail. I had to run to an appointment and left the disaster up on the screen. I got home and it was still staring at me. Taunting.

Then he walked in. Dylan thought I was nuts. I was so happy to see him. My handsome brilliant son. He would help me. And he did. He poured a glass of milk, and before he finished it, he had cleaned it up and it was working.

Apparently, I had bumbled through most of it and it was okay. It was the last minute panic that had thwarted me from finishing it. The fear that I couldn't do it. I won't let fear stop me again. Just wait until the next application gets installed... I will walk proudly through the Never Never Land of the nerds pretending I know what I am doing. And somehow it will work just like this one did.  

Categories: Muddy Stuff, Farm Thoughts, I have a family too...